JDC and JS series concrete mixer series of similarities and differences! First, from the name terms, JDC is single horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer abbreviation, JS is a twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer abbreviations. From the model in terms of, JDC only 350 and 500 are two, and JS series is a bit more, there are 500,750,1000,1500,2000 etc., JDC wider range of options relatively few. From the production efficiency in terms of production efficiency JS series called little higher, JS smallest model is JS500 concrete mixer, Widely uManual Mobile Spider Concrete Placing Boom its production efficiency can reach 25 cubic meters per hour; and JDC series of 500 per hour maximum productivity at 20 -30 cubic meters. From a productivity point of view, single horizontal shaft forced mixer is more practical for a variety of construction sites and small and medium sized pre-components plant, while the twin-shaft can not be used for these sites can also be useful in a variety of large construction sites, In various large mixing station as a mixing console to practical! Common characteristics of the two series of concrete mixer is the high degree of automation, very easy to use, and low energy consumption, low noise, discharge speed, lining and leaves long life, maintenance is very convenient! And the two series of different types of mixer can be stirred concrete! Those matters concrete mixer (drum type) Concrete mixer drum generally belong Story stirred reverse the material of concrete mixing equipment, a lot of dasion concrete mixer production model, on the drum of the concrete mixer, there are a variety of models. The drum-type concrete mixers models and more so be sure to pay attention to their characteristics and use precautions. Concrete mixer drum main models: JZM friction drum concrete mixer, models: JZM350, JZM500, JZM750 type friction hoist drum-type concrete mixers, JZM series friction roller-type concrete mixer features are: friction drive roller driven by a rubber tugboat , is part of The Story of stirring, reverse the material of equipment, semi-rigid and plastic concrete stirred easy operation, good mixing quality; JZC series crawl bucket concrete mixer drum, models: JZC300, JZC350A, JZC500 Drum concrete mixer, JZC series crawl bucket concrete mixer drum main features are: self-loading bipyramid reversal discharging mixer: mix tube by the ring gear, can mix plastic and semi-rigid concrete, attractive appearance, light weight, easy to move, is a more advanced model; JZC Hoisting drum-type concrete mixer, models: JZC350B, JZC750 type lifting concrete mixer drum, JZC Hoisting drum concrete mixer features are: the use of lift-type feeding mode, the whole climb feeding the hopper has a separate motor, feeding simultaneously mixing concrete, with good mixing quality and high efficiency. China concrete mixer price Note the use of the drum-type concrete mixer: boot should be the normal operation of the motor, pushed the total clutch, first empty machine running for 2-3 minutes, stirring observe drum concrete mixer drum rotation No smooth, beat, deviation, and other anomalies, after hopper and discharge doors are flexible and available to work; when the drum concrete mixer hopper fall to the ground level should pause, and then put in the end, so as not to fall too fast and damage hopper; tumble During concrete mixer hopper rises to prohibit work or pass below the hopper.

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